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Usually it is accidentally discovered during a mastoid operation. Cases it is subacute or chronic from the onset. In tuberculosis, accompanied with continued fever, at the fourteenth or the fifteenth hour, when the temperature would tend to resume the normal point. The patches are found cliiefly in the white matter. The diphtheria bacillus is associated with other pathogenic bacteria, scuh as streptococcus pyogenes, staphylococcus pyogenes aureus and albus, micrococcus lanceolatuSy and bacillus coli communis. Auscultation reveals a feeble, toneless, almost inaudible first sound. If it does rise above the ilium this is due to gas and it is- then elastic, resilient and resonant on percussion at that point. He (Dr Orr) remembered tlie time when typhoid fever was scarcely known at all.

We will, for a moment, call the attention of our readers to one topic, calculated in our opinion to illustrate our remarks. It is interesting to note that although the urine contains a considerable amount of diacetic acid in these cases, there is an absence of the symptoms of acid intoxication.

It may be caused by indigestion and tympany, by volvulus or invagination, by excessive hemorrhage, or by poisoning with toxic Recovery occurs when the vessel blocked is an unimportant one as a branch of the left bundle so that circulation may be reestablished from collateral trunks; or when a more important trunk has been but partially blocked, and after a time it either clears itself, or collateral circulation comes in with suflScient compensation. According to the mode of production: (A) Chronic constipation produced by well-defined morbid proc of bowel, tumors pressing on the bowel. I have observed in many instances of suddenly developed febrile conditions, that where relief was not secured by the use of antipyrine or antifebrin, the affection was the result of the condition that we call rheumatic, and then salicylic acid gives relief where the other drugs have warm countries, convinces me that it is worse than useless to persist in their administration for many days. For details of the characteristic colonial morphology and the associated biochemical and cultural reactions of the three types, the reader is referred to the original paper of Anderson and This revolutionary announcement at once caused many workers in England to attempt to conclusions, it may be generally stated that in England, Scotland and Germanjq the only place where similar studies have been made, the essential findings of Anderson, described in his original communication, have been satisfactorily work, reported by several investigators will be discussed as they pertain to the results found in our study of the types of diphtheria bacilli found the gravis, mitis and intermediate types found as we are aware, of an attempt to corroborate in this state and to attempt to correlate the types of the organisms with the clinical severity of the cases from which they were isolated. Gladys Denny Shultz,.Academy of Pediatrics. Write In this sixth edition the work has been thoroughly revised and brought up to date. Ripley for emphasizing the venous side of this picture. When there is catarrh of the whole large intestine as high as the cecum so that the dejections are very thin, small shreds of mucus are still intimately mixed with semiliquid fecal matter, but there is this difference, however, that under these conditions the mucus can be recognized with the naked eye. The essentials brought out are largely a repetition of technical points advocated by a few American surgeons who have obtained their experience The chief difficulty which the author is willing to acknowledge is that of loss of vitreous. The results obtained naturally have shown wide variations in urban and rural communities and in hospital practice.

Instead of an accommodative effort equal to a spherical glass My assurance, that the patient would gradually learn to contract his ciliary muscle uniformly, and get his eye accustomed to the full artificial correction of its astigmatism, proved correct. Hay and other fodders that have lain on the' ground and which contain earth and sand furnish other sources of such nuclei. M., having the last ilejection, i ing whifb he kept a steady preaaure on the tumor with both liis hands, he felt considerable pain in situation of abdominal ring. They employed lectures and radio, distributed leaflets, and carried whole pages of Summary. Although in the Iguana there are two of these fenestras to each of the bones, yet one to each is a more common arrangement in other animals, or there may be, as in the skate, a third also, which exists between the scapula and coracoid, so as to belong partly to both. Morbid anatomy or pathological anatomy is that division of The clinical history of a disease includes all the data referable to the manifestations of the disease process, or its morbid physiology. Bacterium coli commune stains only with Gram's method if it is cultivated or has been growing on a medium containing much fat. An illustration of the former has been referred to under Hysteria. The use of a spray appears to have no effect. Frequently the fever fails to remit and becomes continuous in type. To be of value as a curative agent, the administration of bromide should be continued over a long period of time.