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An ALLY of quinine-quinine CHECKS the Malarial Chill,
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ing on the sagacious and energetic spirit which so happily existed
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Dr. GoNDiB did not think that it was to local causes alone
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of our knowledge, but this is evidently a result of some deeper change
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examinations having been made with special reference to the existence of choles-
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had under treatment, since June, some fifteen to twenty cases of
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were unorganized bodies of various sizes, globules of fat, crys*
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Prof. Sa3're, was called upon to puncture the abdomen in a case supposed
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The salts of quinia and the preparations of iron are often highl}^ useful.
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"Of special value to nursing mothers." — I. N. Love, M. D., St. Louis.
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case. She had had gastrorrhagia. In another case, the notes of which
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under distinct heads. And, as appropriately classed among the intestinal
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din-Bbaumetz made a further communication to the same
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The worms were coiled up, with one or two turns, in the dilated portions
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renders it very palatable so that the most fastidious palate
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The intestinal worms of frequent occurrence are the ascaris lumbri-
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proved effective, in a case under my observation, after a long persistence
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upper and middle thirds of the chest, on its anterior aspect, are expanded,
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other the supply. The respiratory movements are consequently
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inasmuch as the contents of the small intestine do not present this color.
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The Regular Session begins on the last Tuesday of Sep-
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or over the epigastrium. Sometimes tenderness exists in only tAvo of these
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ments, opium is to be given in sufficient doses to secure relief of pain
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disappear after death. The quantity of mucus is morbidly increased,