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This body is thus separated from the vapour of phosphorus and phosphorous

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his recovery, we will use and continue to use, believing that the greatest

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A sudden onset of symptoms at this time of life is to be regarded

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h to c to d and so on almost indefinitely. It may grow passively in

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and even grown-up people cannot always resist the temptation to bait

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This, however, is not constant ; Curschmann says it occurred in rather more

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twitchins:; of both stenio-cleido mastoids. His favorite

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healthy body is, of course, another question. It seems to me that these

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Its development, according to Wolff, is favoured by damaged food, bad

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tiou from eczema, the distinguishing features of dermatitis repens

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gave rise to cerebral symptoms; the thrombosis gradually extending, hemiple-

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dilate organic strictures of the oesophagus and the rectum." If

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but not written nor copied (as in 9). (See below for the significance of this form.)

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and at times almost epidemic in some tropical parts of Asia and

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ages. Ophth. Rev., Lond., 1889, viii, 19.i; 225; 257. Also,

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remain out of doors, though sometimes he was permitted

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imdiT tliosi> cirrumstanct's r('«|uir('s tlio same m«'asnn's for its

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colouring globules ; and no doubt their complete separation is efifected

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gloom that has covered this man's character like a shroud ;

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of operation, two and a half hours. No pain. Subse-

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irregular, the pulmonic sound being sharper than the aortic; but we

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of India," was publi.shed in 18U7, and it had been his design

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or drugs which, when locally applied, were really provocative

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ities, and those which do it only by suspending certain functions ? —

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SaintNectaireaud LaBourboule. Brit. M. J"., Loud. ,1880, ii,

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of the nitrate of silver is related by Dr. Williams

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find lodgment and flourish in their ravages upon physiologically sound

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third more than in the previous week, and double the

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abscess forming low down in the post aesophageal space,

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lished in your issue of August 20th, is incomplete and

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inclination to adopt the manners and practices of girls or

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the cardiac base, and there was slight oedema of the legs.

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hospitals were quite sufficient for the wants of the

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merely to intermittent fever, but are almost equally

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alone twelve pounds, which originated from the left supra-

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assumed the appearance of green vomit. He called in an eminent

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fort, if not to the health of the citizens, will be removed by some further

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be considered one for colostomy rather than excision. However, I agree

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come cloudy, loosen, and undergo proliferation. The membrane, which

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feel the stone by means of his bimanual examination

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