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the injection of an aqueous extract of putrescent meat into the veins of

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been regarded as the cause. But there is considerable evidence against all

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granulations, and at the fame time it is an eafy com-

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the tropics, and not everywhere there. It is particularly prevalent in the

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surface of the stomach below, the abdominal wall united by adhesions to

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great delay of the food in the organ, and subsequent dilatation. The food

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suppurate. The symptomatic fever is very often acute, tends to recur

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and maltine should be given after meals. The iron preparations in

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The same is true but in a more restricted sense of gonorrhoeal arthritis

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Gummata are tumours which at first are composed of granulation

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The epigastric distress and pain precede the vomiting, the pain being

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colder countries than their own, even though they are suckled by their

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than that of the kidneys, the tail, and other parts of

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R. W. POWELL, M.D., Registrar, 180 Cooper St., Ottawa, Ont.

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experience is that it is not nearly so great as in cases of gout. Chill is

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affect a large surface of the body, creeping along by ulceration at the margin

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his face pinched and drawn, anxious and suffering in expression, a malar

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can. The gastric and intestinal juices are weak, the bile is poor in quality,

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hypersemic appearance, the rapidity of progress, and the extent and

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delightfully situated amidst a dense pine forest; ISTordrach Colonie (1500'),

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trophic lesions in nerve leprosy are attributable partly to nerve degenera-

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although one lung often shows older and more extensive disease than the

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or hormones as the other parts of the body require them. This relative

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{,i). In cafe of a fever, which is known by the frequen-

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disease, probably almost uninfluenced by the treatment to which the

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changes in the liver; the one being that owing to the absence of pancreatic

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and it occurs among the rich and the poor. It is particularly prevalent in

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be exercised not to spoil the appetite and digestion by too large a dose, or

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in about five months : they eat none in their jour-

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attractive. It aims at making its medical graduates not merely

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sharp outline. When the temperature of the slide is raised, in many

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Of the general Properties and UJes of Horned Cattle.