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its vasoconstrictor fibres the blood vessels are kept

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it was shown that transfusion of large quantities of

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culosis other than that of the lungs, and 21 from diarrlin?al

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WiLL.\RD. — In Lansdowne, Pennsvlvania, on Saturday,

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eleven years old, in the left lower part of the abdomen.

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berculin into the eyes, nor yet in scratching the skin

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tient's life; in the second, which occurred in other

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tober i6th, Dr. E. H. Leffler, aged fifty-nine years.

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ileum to the first portion of the transverse colon, and I have done that

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and, accordingly, pardonable — the pride with which

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Friday, November 2§tli. — New York Clinical Society: New-

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3. Contribution to the Biology of the Blood in the Period

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the organ. • Ikit, in the case of a remedy possessed

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Kellogg, Preston S., First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve

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to feel sick. About that time (seven weeks before) he

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a gonorrhoeal infection escapes detection, it is usu-

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sented an interesting paper on the subject, and Dr. Frank

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A corporation, which consisted of Dr. Herter and four oth-

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the date of the examination. Applicants for positions in the

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a dilated stomach, but a greater degree of distention to the right and to

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consultation with the physician — for conditions of

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amination to be held on September 14, 1910. to secure

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sound, rales will be heard. At times it is possible

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in the peritoneal cavity are kept in the pelvis, where

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ruptured. It is easier to secure a foot than in the

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serious associate, yellow fever. Naturally, in this

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should be given for at least six hours previous tO'

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taken into consideration. We wish to call the read-

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a walk. ... 1 have not experienced the feeling that I could

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Nelson.— In St. Louis, Missouri, on Tuesday, September

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Detailed to represent the Service at the annual meet-

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laryngological, one pediatric, two obstetrical, and one gy-

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was given small quantities of albumin water as nourish-

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under medical attendance until quite recently. When he

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the most efficient ways of controlling the municipal milk

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hypothesis of the atomic structure of matter, which

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placement of tissues undermined to approximate deficiency.