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capsule closed over the pelvic sutures. Because of the large size of the

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intact. The purulent process in one case had passed to the meninges by the

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confined to the submucous coat ; none of them being ulcerated. This case is

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do not want to be bothered with the red tape of the law, but

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Family History. — Mother's brother died of phthisis. Father's brother

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cure " of dilatation of the urethra " may be effected by removing an

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more numerous. Tubal catarrh and inflammations of the middle ear are

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touch with the legislative bodies this could not be.

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duty to give his time and knowledge to charity whenever the very

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tube, the clamp was removed and some of the fluid was allowed to flow

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revealed the existence of a haematoma of the dura mater, and permitted the

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Cramer {Deutsche medicinische Wochenschrift, No. 47, 1889) was called to a

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extremely malignant instance of periosteal sarcoma which recurred later in

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the Saranac Laboratory. 1. There is no cutaneous hypersensitive-

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which is of most importance is that so many of the cases cannot be

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appendix, nor any other apparent mechanical obstruction to the

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noticed that the organisms were far from being typical diphtheria

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be made by which a total sum, calculated on the per capita basis,

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introduction of such instruments as suggested by Loreto and

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drawn in front of the abdominal wall, the surrounding field

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ality, acuteness, stability and durability of the senses — the ob-

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and suggestive by the oldest student of ophthalmology. For example,

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Long Island College Hospital, where he was graduated M. D. in

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patient's general condition, history of present illness, and examination

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follow "Syphilis," by Abner Post, and " Rachitis," by Thomas Barlow

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has greatly increased, and this is true of persons in whose families no

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until his death, as did an irregular temperature, ranging up to 103^° at