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patients whose fractures had been treated with the vertical

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Salford, and 3 in Croyd'">n. Sixteen fatal cases of small pox were regis-

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question is even more natural in the case of the pancreas, with its more

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suffers from only a slight increase of sugar in the urine after the in-

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The faculty of speech is exclusively human. It is the highest and,

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himself. This chronic frequency of the pulse must be due to the spe-

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fect provision in its Regulations for the study of insanity

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outlook. A steady decline in the force of the pulse must be expected

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Diilwich ; Mr. C. J. Sells, Guildford; Dr. ^towers, London;

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dilatation set in, insufficiency of the mitral valve develops, with its

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devoted services to the patients in the infirmary. He hail

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723, 727, 760, 818. 820, 827, 860, 97-3, 1034, 1078,

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progress are concerned. Leeds not long ago reaffirmed its

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This fixed wage varies according to the local price of grain,

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pressure varies with age — for a yoimg person it may not be above

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to do. and the oath shall be administered to him in such form and man-

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cure old age and many other evils, including even phthisis

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pleurisy the respiratory zone of the face should be observed so long as

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Besides this number, I have received numerous intimations

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General Council had agreed to the recommendation of the

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the Halifax small-pox hospital is situate, are interesting. He

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which are both stimulants and sedatives at the same time, but they

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in all abdominal growths is to find what part of it has no free border.

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Prague coming next with 1,016; the German Faculty of the

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One form is of much interest when it is associated with the presence

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accommodation for the constantly incre.ising mass of ca^ei.

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the wrist may be slightly tender for a few days. In others a febrile

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decision being based not so much on the degree of the fever as on its

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number of beds requii'ed would be no fewer than H..334. These ligurea

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more especially in this country, where one sees and treats

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tinuous use of this ointment at one place is likely to cause severe irri-

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Surgeons who most commonly observe this affection are prone to ig-

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Possibly these bodies act vicariously for the liver in case of neces-

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to fill up gaps in sets of periodical publications which it

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His family history presents nothing of importance, and is free from all

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mouth, is markedly congested. In the latter there is an accimiulation