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of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Michigan.

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may be kept distended with air. The operation causes only an

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reviewing the various anaesthetics, said chloroform is objectionable, in that it causes

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these parts," and the "fresh alarm by a return of that astonishing

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before treating of the effects of the drug as a whole.

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among my hearers who would consume a little bottle of innocent-

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to occur by exercise or labor without its use. That the mind

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extension is necessary, they effect it in the following

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rhage, one-third of the deaths ; infection complications, two-

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as obstructive dysmenorrhoea, it is comparatively rare ; and says

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of a similar position in a new asylum in Michigan, but almost im-

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Dr. LiBBiE Hamilton Muncie was born at Jam&ica,

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muscles ensued, on stimulation of the nerve, and similar contrac-

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may well be proud. Deducting the deaths of patients brought

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effect, ceases even before the limit of divisibility is reached ;

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but there is never a steady progress, in the symptoms. Then,

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cipal of the Albany Academy, and withdrew from the practice of

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At n a.m., next day, her face was purple; respiration 50;

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then the result would not have been deciding, as both lines so intimately anasto-

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it is of great importance to the young to acquire. We see no

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The one drawback to our sincere pleasure in reading the book

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corpuscles; while, vice versa, a hemoglobin content of fifty per cent, with a

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stetrical surgeon to the Misericordia Hospital, and for thirteen years,

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long walks, and give the fresh air free circulation in their houses. Now, the advice

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of the New York Central Medical Association; of the New York

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versity in 1908. He was an interne of the Bellevue Hospital service,

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and, in contusions of arteries, to the separation of the scab,

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tion more ready to help his younger brethren, could not be found

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action of eighty to a hundred remedies, will rarely have occasion

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Diagnosis is based — On the verification of a palmo-

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States, who came to jvitness the workings of the new phil-

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Dr. Luscombe of Fitchburg was elected to membership. Drs.

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In 1849 he received the degree of LL.D. from the regents of the

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Bacteria on Coin. — A Frankfort journal states that Dr.

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extends and burrows. Certain cases develop a diffuse

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ern, scientific, preventive medicine to human life in a great city,

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broad and liberal mind the truths of the dual action of

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In 1874 he removed to Scdalia, Pettis County, Missouri,

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by clinical inference, than by positive pathological observation,

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of others, he concludes : 1. Cataract is, beyond question, trans-