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or even speak above a whisper. If the cough continues and is constant, or
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salicylic acid, aristol, protonuclein, etc., in fact, any antiseptic drug
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tious material to be carried out of the system by the kidneys, which not
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now generally admitted. It is a recognized fact that under all circum-
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The paroxysms in intermittent fever are regular in their development
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The nature of the subsequent changes will depend upon the intensity of
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sions, between the ends of the bones (as occurs in synovitis), or in
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not bear sudden changes of temperature, while the susceptibility to such
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IS COnnned to the vascular system. B. LnnfjitucUnal' section of a ┬╗mall hepatic duct.
most powerful of these antiseptics is corrosive sublimate and it is per-
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upon the one point. If it is a spot of typhoid eruption, and one crop of
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upon the shoulder, which drives the acromial end downward and inward,
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is evidence of general sepsis intervening, amputation should be consid-
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iij)on bacterial action for its specilic and ulcerative character. No single
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presents features which justify suri^ical measures. The metiiods employed