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very severe, relief following the escape of some thick
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former was caused by a peculiar insect, which suddenly
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have had these made of various diameters ; and the full-
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state of the attacked, and lastly by an early extinction
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the disposal of unsound meat, but because, from the mode in which
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protect the nerve from the action of the external air in
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six hours from the time at which I first saw her, this
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to the infected person requiring removal shall have
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child before means are taken to extract the second,
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enormous swelling, discoloration, and stony hardness.
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casts in 1300; between 00 and 70, nine cases in 1l)00;
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50, that had died from this disease; and found hyper-
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his paper any fact, observation, or drawing, in favour
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portions of human muscle in which frichin£e existed,
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enced members of the profession are liable to err in
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and as syphilis was supposed always to follow an in-
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The clinical fact, too, of this rajsid succumbinn^ was
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of thtj continual pain. I examined the mouth, and found
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for each bed fell short of COO cubic feet, and the air was
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pale aud covered with fat. Some old but unimportant
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found the boy sitting on his mother's knee, having an
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male ; 2, the Bulb of the Vagina ; 3, the same, with
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medicine, from either of the above bodies, or from the
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cally of the subject. I presume that it is not from law-
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the very first, in this country of those eminent men who
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Poor-law medical officer of the Sherborne district,
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tion of warm fomentations, either by flannel stupes
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tion of the skin — is also liable to failure from two
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rishing condition, he having a large surplus in hand.
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the adulteration of drugs, and for regulating generally
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in mockery of the wrongs under which these officers