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of Maryland 1824 practiced at Rockville removed to Martinsburg
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ophthalmoscopic changes. To this category are added recurrent
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tively the number of bullet and shell casualties among horses and
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and thenceforth resided at the University of Virginia Licentiate
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and of which sporadic cases were seen here every summer.
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education in Great Britain and America began practice at Balti
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portunity to add to this ignorance and to strengthen the people in
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man elected to tfumbership in the Faculty elected member of the
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The prognosis of pellagra is good in the first stage unfavor
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ceeded by Dr. Edrington who objecting to giving security
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when every acre of forage should bq conserved to save human lives
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from two to eighteen days. None of the cases showed perforation
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Pennsylvania 1887 Resident Physician Presbjrterian Hospital
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The mouth collar is regularly rounded slightly flattened or de
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and removed the epidemic ceases Buckler. Only four cases
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uneven nodular edges. Excision of the tissue surrounding and
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which he supposed were created by tlie working of the drugs in
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Scarification acting by repeated division of the terminal nerve
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sound when lightly tapped percussed witli the finger. In such a case
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the canal should be coated with vaseline except over the points to
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founded by Drs. Henry Wilkins James Smith William Don
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Mile. Wanda de Sczawinskao makes an interesting contribu
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This difficulty is especially apparent in regard to inflammation.
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agreeable and emphatic lecturer with a distinct and melodious
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maxillae. Peabody Library Marble Building begun April
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The proposal for a college anticipated in the President s
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ship during the Revolution. From the Potomac region come
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Almshouse 1805 resided in Queen Anne County. Sec lists of