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cine on his wile's report. He told defendant of the occurrence.
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during an epidemic, they would be more or less due to it,
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ger to the economy and easily tolerated by the bowel.
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Febrtiary gist: Pulse, 66; temperature, 99.5° F. Some nausea, posably caused by
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ganic depolarizer; it is the essence of Leclanche's modification.
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ment of fever, we can decide with a good deal of certainty upon the
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and yet after a while have disappeared so completely
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ascertain whether the matters vomited have contained ingesta in more or
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convulsion. I then took another small quantity of blood from her arm,
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There are, however, cases in which it is necessary to intervene more
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loss, or any disagreeable after-effects. It causes but
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the time of his death. The deceased was a remarkably
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A meeting of the Mahoning County Medical Society was
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diagnosis. 6. The normal cardiac sounds, when indistinct, be-
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recreation if not profit in dealing with this, the less
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and while the tumor was out the animal was heated for 5 minutes over an electric
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being placed in position, it is advisable to blindfold the animal by
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membership any one who may, after 1901, have received the
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was not ataxic, and he had no loss of muscular sense. The
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agreeable to the owner of the same." ^ Although the
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trance both hips and the left knee were straightened manu-
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properly graded doses, seems to completely eradicate the disease.
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or stained deeply yellow. Both the gland substance and the
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observed when the drug is applied externally. There is little or no local irritation.
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fluid or a whitish, whey-like fluid, there are contained crystals of pig-