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real objection to the visit of the inspector arose from the

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GAMMA writes : (I) A. is in attendance on a case, and B. is called in as

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the spread of the disease to depend solely on heredity,

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several counties by reason of their smallness or peculiar

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in some cases, it is an idiosyncrasy of the surgeon. If

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was removed from the fungus, and the latter's relationship to

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injury. These cases are often amenable to treatment by

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cod-liver oil combined with the hypophosphites of soda and

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how excellent and valuable its services were, and every-

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nineteen years' service is exactly in the same position as a Surgeon-

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danger incurred by the unquestioning acceptance of the

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the charter permits, a third physician will be appointed

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bers. We hope to publish a sketch of his career in our next

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working order, and that there were no grounds for an independent ex

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B. commmunicated to E. the alleged fact of his having differed from i

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with board, attendance, and washing. Applications to the Honorary

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that the question of tour of service in India was the most im-

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DcUce of the Journal, and not to his private house.

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of mercury, and camphor. The remaining chapters are

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processes which are connected with each other. Between tliese groups,

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29th, was 437 — an increase of 69 on the previous week. In

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The fifth ordinary meeting of the session was held at Bristol

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inches, to be torn in half if required). Gauze bandage 4^ yards long,

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them, and cannot fail, by the suggestions which they make and

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the services of a well known medical officer, and, tiuding him at. dinner,

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sli 'uld have a daily batii of corrosive sublimate " A candidate of very

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classes of fever and diphtheria under treatment in the hos-

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geon to the Cam'iridge. April astli ; Geoegb R. D. Chahi.ton, Stafl'-Surgeon

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RovAL Westminster Ophthalmic. JTours of Attendance. — Dailj, I.

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L. B. W.- The degree of " M.B.Edin." fully qualifies for the post of health

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