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is very slight, and the asthenopic symptoms are evidently depend-
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patient on terra firma? All these considerations, gentlemen, leave no
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when given in large doses, it is much celebrated in France.
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out result. But he had given Gale. c. in several other cases of stilli-
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smears individual cysts in various phases of degeneration may be found
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even to recall anything that had occurred fifteen minutes before.
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somewhat in detail, in my review of Dr. Joerg's work on Atelektasis of
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and good feeling. Many an old head, and wise one, too, will S3^m-
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function of the digestive mucous membrane seems to be totally extin-
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bleeding from the leech bites was moderate, but seemed nevertheless to
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unpleasant kind of shock, felt for the first time, passing tlirough the
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pupil is, when it exists, an additional hindrance to distinct vision for
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last epidemic of yellow fever in Gibraltar is described by Louis, who with
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diseases are cured by similar remedies. The progress and teachings
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accompanied the very commencement of the fever had hpen subdued,
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The mortalitj' reports of San Francisco showed that ten per cent.
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tracted muscle. A mixture was given, containing Cod-liver oil.
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jiis pupils. But if, on the contrary, he works with zeal and diligencQ ;
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by the application of a powerful galvanic stimulus. Tiedemann also
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a few minutes the child was dead." The mother had the satisfaction
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ated : L. Arthur Clark, East Poultney, Vt. ; Jas. J. Clark, Harris-
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and colon was thickened, highly vascular, and extensively ulcerated.
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four and a half years ago, is four hundred and fifty- two.
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A vote of thanks to Dr. Hoffendahl for his paper was passed, and
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namic acid from cinnamyle ! The candidates for the diploma are there-
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would not discourage the proving of new drugs, we would most par-
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change, some sores healing and others forming; sometimes she
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Dr. Gregg, of Boston : The liver frequently overacts. It may do too
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tion of facts and the theories based upon them well worthy of his
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infected station. Again, it can easily be proved that the rate at which
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bold and Wetmore. They have done an immense amount of work,
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Finding no relief^ his father removed him to a watering-place, and
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one copy, and an extra cop}^ for every five dollars subscribed.
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I. and Charles II., as surgeon, advocated the following formula for
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that torture which compels to restlessness, even though the motion
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of all or mo ft of the Choice Flowers, which are Cul-
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added for each disease. Thus if, under the head of Hordeolum, in-
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be rested, is, that in circumscribed localities, inhabited by crowded
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derived from notes furnished by the patient himself before he became
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infected people to guard against infecting others. Mary had ample
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