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as not to interfere with the passage of liquid food and drink to the

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carotid murmur. Pulse small and irregular, and could not be counted.

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safety in understanding themselves to the extent of being able to know

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redness only on the fifth day, the redness appeared on Dr. M. as early as the

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nistered, and usually the hernia would finally be reduced.

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are in accord with the statements of Charcot and Bou-

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better results from a stronger preparation. A four per

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I found her wearing a closed lever pessary, inserted by a well-known

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Prophylactically . the ointment may be used to prevent bacterial contamination in

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carry little weight with them, I do so principally with the object and

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has not yet recovered its size, and the ankle continues

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by n pair of ordiiuiry eurtainH. This should be done where-

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cancer of the stomach, right pleurisy, &c. Febrile excitement of the vascular

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small amount of sheep serum remained uneliminated from the rabbits'

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to the level of the retina Instead of being transparent its tissue

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The paroxysm is renewed by a slight noise, the gentlest touch or zephyr.

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the catarrh and varices of the rectum, the causal indications require

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Goldscheider had studied the effect of the animal extracts for a year

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perfect the system of Dr. Brown, and present to the world what, before

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state should, through her State Board of Health, furnish

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It may also be due to spinal trouble or sexual excess.

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united per primam, and the patient rejoiced in a good func-

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the seventh day a macular eruption appears first on the face and then spreads to

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after four exposures, healthy granulation tissue began

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tina. Many released the patients as soon as desqua-

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shrivelled, " cremated," the cell soon dies. But in cer-

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North Carolina State Medical Society the following year, and was a

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The reading of papers was continued. Dr. J. W. Wright

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periodicities in the epidemics of whooping-cough. The average intervals

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to do. But of course when all these aids to evolution were compelled

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meaning is that the cause acts through the blood, because it reaches the

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tion elbow joint: recovery. Rep.Superv. Snrg.-Geu. Mar.