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It is claimed that by this means the inflammation is lim-
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venom is temporarily exhausted, and the snake bei^omes com-
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epecial remedies which rule the nerve-supply of the heart.
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built. The administration of the laws in Dublin was not a»
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Treatment of Diphtheria ;" H. D. Hinckley, M. D., Cin-
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Hospitals, it is hoped that her case has been accurately recorded
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nimiasis). The word "distomatosis" has been combined with the name
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with alcohol and ether. This procedure is exceedingly time con-
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the "malarial" form is not always "distinctly paroxj'smal and remittent;"
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In his unusually able address before this ur. McBrayer's selection,
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cooperation of their friends, relatives and attending physicians. A
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quite a feature in the plan of organization, members being requested to ap-
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the operation was done before puberty, in bringing the
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thousand five hundred and one of the Re- with power to administer oath to all persons
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We regret to note the death of Dr. James Barras, which occurred
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noon. She went along for four weeks, and finally tuberculosis showed
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The patient being exhausted she was given morphin and after a
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large intestine, an injection may be cautiously given.
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confronts us in the phenomena of anaphylaxis, in those of the "posi-
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reality a lesion of the flexor tendons proper, nor of their thecae,
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to both. Consequently, even if there be no night-sweats, when
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which occurred, the diflference in the intensity of
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salicylates and pays especial attention to the food and
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persistence in its use is generally injurious. The patient should use,
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from it, regains his consciousness more or less completely, and probably is
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ulcer may be prevented. We may say, maintain good health and a
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Third. The omission of blood-letting, in the cerebral, and catar-
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20% of pathological gamblers have attempted suicide
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touching the posterior pharyngeal wall to a level with Santorini's cartilage,
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Since the great scourge in 1918, and the lesser epidemic in
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that I could recognize manifested themselves. In five of them the patients were either
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toneum. The neck, or the lower portion of the uterus, is
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Gondy's disinfectant fluid may be mixed with seven ounces of water,