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reason to believe, a priori, that it exerts a more penetrating effect

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could not afford any evidence as to the site of the "oral articulative


of the mesentery a small carcinomatous nodule was found after

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platelets The author strongly recommends estimating the number of blood plate-

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which chnicians as such cannot always or easily make.

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wall with a view of discharging its contents through the abdominal

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methods, nor to consider in detail the claims and criticisms of his

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organs of the body; neither is a microcosm — a microscopic representa-

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results were obtained till profuse diaphoresis was excited."

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complete sets of most recent and approved type of disinfect-

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colon night and morning with 4 quarts of water to which a

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to 15, and requiring considerable bed and reclining care at first,

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.•\I'PEL, A. H., First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon. — Re-

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to multiply words to prove the benevolence of doctors. There is not a

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tion — the total removal of the uterus by laparotomy ; but this latter operation,

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shallow cell. By this method Helber found about 200,000 to 250,000 plates per

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Gaulhier, Nice. — Berlin, " Le lavage de la vessie par la voie sus-

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apparently everything else failed, I can recommend it as

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submit them for publication. The editorial staff welcomes the opportunity of helping you prepare

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There is very little loss of substance and such as there is

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collapse is present, resuscitation is best accomplished

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sists of a spirituous solution of some of the consti-

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resected, which would give a greater certainty of cure of the neuralgia, but

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Diseases of the heart and blood-vessels caused 31 deaths, and

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harmonious body, and unless made to cooperate for the gen-

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which Lannay considers to have been determined by the carbolic acid. He

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expectorant or diaphoretic, gtt. xx-f^ss. As an emetic, f^iij-f^ss.

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1826, with cough, pain inthechest, and diarrhcea, for which he was

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thorized Agents) must be post raid, or they will not be taken from the Post Office-

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The value of the volume is greatly increased by a general index to the

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Ricord's, or Lee's, or any other man's grouping of individualities

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from Closter, N. J. Two of these cases died, one from

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the partially emptied uterus. It is better in severe cases

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History. — The history of pellagra is comparatively recent.

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three-fifths of its caliber. These tumors have all the physical

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own eyes, from drinking the water brought from the mill spring of Karlsbad,

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dog. In birds the pupil is unaffected. These various con-

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The subject of the first case was Mr. Robertson, of , Ind.,

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thorough work, find the high ideals of cultured manhood* and woman-

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and for that reason alcohol should not be classed, nor in-

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Official J oumal of the Illinois State Medical Society

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must be carefully removed. The history of the following: case

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be a gradual decrease in foreign medical graduate (FMG) reimbursement of 25% of the U.S. graduate level. Johnson’s

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the stomach, achylia gastrica, hematemesis of hepatic cirrhosis,