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variety of arthritis is more frequent than monarti-

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fection and every lesion of traumatic origin leaves

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nervous pains in some weeks. The patient could make use of the

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always induce insufficiency of the adrenals are pre-

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that the record in the warfare against tuberculosis

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transferring the patient to other hospitals adapted

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to the lining of the stomach, local or general gas-

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the best results are obtained by a judicious combina-

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only at first, later these pains might manifest them-

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theless, indebted to British practitioners for monographs on

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Harrison, Dr., on tubercles in the air-cells of a bird . 226

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ance of the prostration of the advanced stage) by adding carbo-

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tection tests, and renders it unsuitable as a method

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other will be for an assistant epidemiologist in the

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tain Cases With the Carrel Aiter Treatment, Surgery,

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McCann. — In Glens Falls, N. Y., on Friday, Ma> 2d.

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does not live in every part of the body. It is helped

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occupied sixty hours in dilating, while the second stage was only

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doubt its utility in tubercular phthisis ; although in that condi-

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or express money order, payable to A. R. Elliott Publishing Co.,

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all should either arrange to treat syphilitics thor-

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of the neck, the Kernig sign, the tdchcs cerebrales,

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symptom, it is of importance to know whether this pain or ten-

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of a chronic semiactive fibroid kind, the sufferers

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pression at the praecordia : her mouth was drawn aside; there

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pain and tenderness in the joints were classified as

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ligament, and the cardinal ligaments in the bases of

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those applied who at least thought they were in con-

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When an author brings out a succession of works within m

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reported all of the classical signs and symptoms of

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bear in mind that only by persistence, often against

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the sltidies of Cannon and others on the physiologi-

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four per cent, in the cases due to various accidents.

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protracted acute course, and frequently a prolonged

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