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east winds, and the rarity of the mistral. From the latter, as
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tion. Teeth and gums in good condition. Throat appears nor-
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umbilical cord, which may be discovered when every other sign of
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possibly accidental and not sympathetic. This cannot be said in
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Physical Examination. — Right lung: Normal breath sounds
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De Jongh, iodine forms an elementary constituent of the fat in pure
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inoculating fir the kine pox; and syphilitic and cancerous humors are frequently
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is surprising how often, even in the minimal lesion, the history
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of the illness has continued. The same plan as before was
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segments of the vascular system of the embryo. 2. A knife for
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among thousands of the first families in this country and Europe, and the respec-
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self and his friends that he was cured by the shaking of the carriage.
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low protein diet which he has continued since that time. The diet
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And there are on record many instances where the progress of an epidemic has
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possess more active, and, of course, more dangerous, powers than mercury." And
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When the concentration of urea in the blood is the same, the
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also one case in the '' Tartar," contracted at Yokohama, where,
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shadows are exaggerated. There is an infiltration of the de-
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sician, as a cure is uncertain, and your life at stake. I do not know when I
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tracranial disease, but upon the amount of resistance which it
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creasing commerce, consists of a new and an old port, and seems
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and in case 11, it was stated that a sister had had it, possibly from
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their existence, by all means, ere you become a victim to cancers, tumors and con-
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(he observes) is always associated with marks of violence, or is
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arteries, and acts hyposthenicallv ; 3. That a proportionately feeble
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logical lectures, I propose in this series to place on record some of
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1835, 1889, 1842. With an Appendix^ continuing the His-
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Thorax. — The right lung was partly hepatized. Recent Ji6rifious
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clenched fist is forcibly opened on the right side than on the
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ing in the leg muscles, increased reflexes, a positive Babinski;
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The great number of deaths from this destroyer of the human race, and its rapid
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but he could walk several miles without fatigue. The Romberg
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functions of the body in proper order : and though the student swallow ever so
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The mechanical equilibrium of the human body may be disturbed or destroyed by
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Dr. Howe, Eoratio Byington, and others, appointed by the Legislature of Massa-
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The number of deaths by consumption induced by domestic quarrels, it is as im-
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this can soon be determined, and the necessary measures taken
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Of all the subjects that at the pivsi-nl time can interest the people of this coun-
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difficulties would orAy farther obscure — possibly contravene — the
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substances is present in the water in any but a very small
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that was said to her. She was apparently suffering pain, and she
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the patient's Hfe was prolonged for about fourteen months
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disease of the lungs, heart, and stomach, and would naturally be a short-lived
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illustrative of the efficacv of the bromide of potassium in the three
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Case II. Common Type. — The patient is a boy aged fifteen,