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stomach troubles and I for one would be willing to discard
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by gradually restoring the transparency of the aystal
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great calamity the heart seems to stop beating. In fact it hesitates often
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that the appearance of the medullary sheath is a proof that
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mation of the sub maxillary glands and salivation haemorrhage
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detection at the autopsy. The tendency to bronchial hemorrhage from
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tions very seldom. The whole intestinal tract is apt to contain a
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age is the wisest as well as the most rational object of every
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expressed by Professor Polotebnoff of St. Petersburg and
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as an injection into the nasal fossae have given me results highly
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at the costochondral junctions the cartilage bulged towards the marrow
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group A hemolytic streptococci Penicillin is the usual drug of