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tional duty, seems manifestly unfair. It might even militate against local

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assuring complete coordination of all activities in the

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always plainly see evidences of multiplication of cells by the

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limited to the riglit ventricle, and was from a man suffering

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mentary Bills Committee, with power to act in the matter.

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14th inst., there was read a letter from Dr. James Anderson,

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Professor Pagliani, director of the Public Health Service, is

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• Post-residency traineeships in pediatric cardiology

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common carotids of the feeder. One external jugular vein of

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decolorised clot— removed with diflieulty. The aortic, pul-

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Hering-Breuer effects described by Head,'' so that if

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of this fourth edition, consists in numerous small additions

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only the offspring of a conscientious endeavour by a study of

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has issued to the medical officer of every medical aid association, as

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evidence in that book as to the present state of the question.

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Geehan Congress of Gyn.T'Xology. — The iiftli Congress

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and energy very greatly improved, the temperature higher,

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of the muscles of the lower extremities, and we should very

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sperms, chiefly in the plasmodial form, had been ob-

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it would probably have been noticed earlier, and if a hn?matoma due to

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spectable, without the special and active could be procured from every quarter ;

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The rise of pressure observed in these experiments must

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bundles," in the Fvencli translation of Leyden's clinical

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Local (iovernment Board, are those dealing with port sani-

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of bones to pressure. Many of the observations in this book

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ah'eady gone for a time before being returned to their homes. At Salford

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~W. MooBE, and carried by acclamation. — Sir William Stokes

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cohesion among the various constituents of the metropolis,

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crease of insanity. Mr. Corbet mentions the marriage of

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scourge." Such a remark about such a preparation— contain-

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premature labour in four cases of contracted pelvis, short

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A Pasteur Institute for Portugal. — We recently an-

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these vessels, we placed a cannula in the peripheral end of

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versity faculties in arts, science, laws, and medicine, and

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