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There is also considerable difficulty in accounting for the

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disease. The case is thus analogous to those described by Bamberger as

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Rentoul gives notice that he will move : "That the members of the Lan-

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In a typical case of chlorosis the condition of the blood-corpuscles is

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tsmall-pox has recently appeared many authorities have

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300 mg clindamycin every 6 hours

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is not contagious, for if a man is infected he can communicate it to

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that such changes must be due to internal and not external causes.

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pain produced by pressure, as by tumors, abscesses, etc., or cramps,

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distinguished stranger ; but by doing ward and out-patient

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to find that D traps abound, that all waste and rain water

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ROYAL VICTORIA H0=1PITAL, Bournemouth. -Ophthalmio Surgeon.

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touched. The next application should be after an interval of three

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Suppuration in the Liver. Dr. H. W. G. Macleod made some

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about the neck. In an extensive family practice in former years I

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is no fever. There is never any anesthesia, but occasionally consider-

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Of much more far-reaching significance, and of immense im-

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Are you aware that in the evidence given here by Dr. Greene

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perchlorid of iron, in dram doses, was lauded as a specific in erysipelas,

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After noting the characters of malignant disease of the stomach, it

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to the duties of his office." "The salary will be £4U0 per

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fore the terminal cholemia, much may be Avne v^ ^^tros^ fr^f*:»»iiW!3«t

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gall-bladder. Percussion over the swelling will be dull if the swelling

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treatment, according to need, administering them first in a macerated

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however, may have but a single nerve-filament. The fimction of

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Blomfield, M.B., Sevenoaks ; Mr. P. B. Bentlif, St. Hellers ; Dr. A. G.

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and stiffness and paralysis in the legs, with increased knee-jerks,

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and House-Surgeon. Board and lodging provided. -Applications to

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be put upon a continuous stretch and, therefore, I am always particular

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of the law when medical witnesses proposed to take advan-

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Symptoms. — ^The symptoms of this complaint usually begin much

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he shows how the preparations of Malassez, whom Wickham

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(.3) If he accepts or retains employment by an association in which can-

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provision of medical men as substitutes for those who go

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and a banana, taken at breakfast with a tumblerful of water before any

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and Histohaematin ; Philosophical Transactions, Royal Society, London, 1886. On

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before meals, and 5 gr. of resordn in solution, one-half hour after meals.

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symptoms of mental disorder are considered. Thus there is a

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has recovered consciousness differs according to the case. If the paral-

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into any brain process, as the problem of common sleep testifies.

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Without detailing the various experiments which were

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allowed safely to enter an apartment where a patient has been sick

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referred to caused by the autodigestion of the pancreas by its own

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placed in a position of great dependence, inconsistent with

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The answer to the second paragraph was— Yes The qualifications of

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poliomyelitis is plainly as accidental an affection as a broken leg. A