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but recurrences which have embittered his life are prevented by his
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headache, as a rule, passes off only with the setting sun. In
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erable proportion of the most prevalent chronic diseases does not require
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existence. At the University the benches were hard and un-
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pleximeter-finger, but not to the same degree as in the case of a pleurisy
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every hour or two hours, according to the severity of the manifesta-
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t " Vorlesungen tiber allgemeine Therapie, " Leipzig, 1892.
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arthritis, usually suppurative, is a not unusual concomitant, and in some
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from the intestines. This is shown by increase of secretion de-
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irritation of the skin or mucous membranes. In this case it is the con-
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touching the latter, until it strikes the back of the pharynx. The
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irrigation and a large subcutaneous saline infusion.
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Captain Edward Eyau, Superintendent of the Hospital for
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Before operations on the parts connected with the mouth too
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organism of consumption would be found in the sputum.
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dark days of the war worked and watched, relieving the suf-
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goriciil slalcnieuts made. Fir^t. there should be a Provincial
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jiroperties can be also retained, it would seem to be the ideal
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temperature, are unavailing for the removal of the cerebral symptoms,
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churches, twenty-four parks, about twenty theatres, and
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mending that tuberculous patients in the infectious stage of the disease
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tliat occur so imiforiuly with the onset of the tvpe of iutluenzii
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passages, cough and expectoration of purulent material, blood, and
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once relieve the case by a mercurial purge and one of the
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humidity invariably correspond with the annual period in which the
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two minutes, under a pressure of thirty pounds to the square inch, was
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symptoms are all gastro-intestinal, save perhaps the occurrence of slight
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intestinal catarrh. The joints and voluntary muscles may be painful.
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generally, generate their own poison and die. Toxines de-
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The chapter on the hydriatric prescription is devoted to an exposi-
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sometimes was so pronounced as to cause vapor to rise from the sheet.
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one each side of the anus, called anal glands. Voluntary
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the disease, and, although the specific causal agent has not as yet been
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certainly of any other volatile emanation from electrolysis
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increase during the latter period. In the tropics the case seems to
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dence of a Bowman. It was in practical work as a surgeon
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amazed that no one had ever perfected it before. I say per-
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kenhaus, from 1874 to 1876, we owe all that is known of its applica-
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Auguste Nelaton was probably the most popular surgeon
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rubber sheet, or by withdrawing the rubber sheet and leaving him in
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(artificially produced), whereupon the symptoms subsided rapidly and the
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specific gravity has fallen to 1028 and 1029, where before,