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two treatises. Both writers, in the first place, agree in this,

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Since a certificate of vaccination has become necessary in certain cases, the

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ing point, is fatal to a certain number of persons; at the same time many artisans

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on the banks of rivers, or in those dense jungles, called hammocks, which

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clothing, because white reflects instead of absorbing heat

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As regards derangemenU of the uterine system, I find that in one

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of the lungs was kept), these viscera were found in twenty-three cases to be in

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the most unmanagable of all, those still within the uterus,

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speaks of them. "The sanguinary operations which have been recently de-

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marked, large quantities of corpuscular lymph are thrown out,

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while the latter will object to the diffuse and often un-

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the great increase of temperature tmi.t attends febrile oiseases. He

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dies recurred. — Jnnaks (T Hygiene, Jan. 1841. T. R. B.

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some cases, been able to arrest its development, the disease has

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It is not necessary to analyze the communication of Orfila in detail. He

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lowered by irritation. On this account it would be prudent to defer operations

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bonate of iron in the act of precipitation as made by dissolving bicarbonate of

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By Fredebtic J. Parre, M.D. — During the last three years Dr.

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tive fluid, was found in the abdominal cavity. A tumour covered

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circling the base is a forest of heavy timber; then succeeds a belt of stunted

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pects of curable lunatics in our huge asylums still worse is, that

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Devoted to the Interests of the Medical Profession of

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the saphena nerve; and from it into the vena cava inferior, above the contracted

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plying, they push their way in the form of little tap-shaped off-

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febrile symptoms prevail and rigors are absent, quinine is not

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Enormous development of the heart, particularly on the right side. The

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axis the vessel was occupied by a dark coagulum, which was unadherent. Be-

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the patient could only decipher letters of No. 16. At the same time

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of being elongated; then a constriction taJkes place, exactly as

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underwear are : (a) Wool is a slow conductor of heat, thus

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admit the end of the thumb. The wound was not dressed until the fifth day,

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