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long, extending from top of thyroid cartilage downward,
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the percentage of urea eliminated was more than 5 times
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the rapidity of the development of extensive malignant
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even in its lower portion, which does not join in the spasm ; and, lastly,
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opportunity of seeing an example of extreme rapidity of reproduction of
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application is too long continued, or their force or concentration tor)
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requiring five to six hours, entitles a member to a 5% reduction of the basic premium for the
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taries and expositions . . . proceeding from writers fully qualified to perform these tasks. "
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a trading concern, as emigration agent to America and other places.
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you can have for the Lying-in Hospital from Whitsunday,
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removes dirt, while the alkalinity assists in the removal of
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must be had of his motherland if she be under the age
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Schiff in 1873, but found it completely inefficient in his experiments on
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fact that a solidified lung moved, or else the pleura did not move
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of pain with any sign of h;«morrhage it is our duty to
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Greneral of the U. S. Public Health and Marine- Hospital
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binocular single vision" — an activity of the muscles produced by the action
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occur when suckling is suddenly interrupted, as by the death of the child,
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line injected into each side; they were then washed out with a foun-
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falls, etc. It is probable that in these cases the infection takes
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Thirdly, whenever no matter how we ascertain the fact) the
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piece of lint soaked in strong liquor ammoniae, and applied for five or six
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in cases of jaundice. There are also very considerable dilhculties m
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copteric machine " (to appear in the International Exhibition)
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performs a conspicuous part in the process of digestion. Other
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be kept quiet in bed, the strength should be maintained by a moderate
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the internal capsule to the bulbar speech-centres ; while in the case of
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ber of white corpuscles. The presence of nucleated red corpuscles in
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ophthalmoscope, whether, under accommodative efforts, the eyeball became
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had transferred his interests to the Out-Patient Depart-
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pearance, the naphtha was resumed with benefit. In case 6th,
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sense, that such medicines cannot be exhibited justifiably in all
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1. Counter Irritation applied, not to the branches of
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tion of invalid dietaries ; the whole is written with
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in the left scapular region during the last days of her life.
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sites which possess much mutual afiinity : in their earlier form and in
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and a piece of legging, a piece of stocking, and three small pieces of bone, were
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serious operation on a hind's wife. When he arrived
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tactile impressions or it may include those of heat and cold ; in other
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ence." Now, why should this hospital question excite the
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whether diplegia or hemiplegia; and he discusses judiciously
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