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Surgical Instruments, Invalid and Sick Room Supplies
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Company (’Treasurer’s Account) . . . $17,663.34
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ating 1,308 calories of energy in the body, of which 1,016 calories
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souri River ; all that part of the State of North Dakota lying east of the western
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parish representatives mentioned in section 1, an^ these alone can vote at the
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At the meeting in Springfield a report was given by
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genicity of the so-called bovine type. The tubercle bacilli attacking
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Hensen, Appleton City; George W. Newman, Cassville; A. S.
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large space is seen to lie under the tumor and to present anteriorly
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head." Other bones of the body will undergo similar changes, but
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crystalline egg albumin* having a titer of 1-6000 before last injection of
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animal so bought, sold, or disposed of before inspection by him or his agents.
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The bronchi are slightly congested and contain a small amount of frothy
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Ramazzini, known as the “father of industrial hy-
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56. Chargin, L., and Rein. C. R.: Arch Dermat. & Syph. 44:
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Animal Industry, Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C, except as mentioned in
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lated subject matter in other courses may be correlated
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2 Inches In diameter, may be used, placed 8 inches apart. Such head pipes must be made
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trach^e; communication anormale de ces canaux." Bull.
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Mr. McIntyre reported on activities of county medical
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