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hygienic measure which should be xmiversally adopted. But, on the
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functions, so that many of them are constipated throughout life, and
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nor were the mesenteric glands enlarged. There was no free
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pression strengthened by the amoimt of mucus which they bring up.
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perspiration in warm weather invariably lessens the output of water by
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advocate of the notification of measles. It is, therefore, to bo regretted
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missioner, in a letter to the St. James's Gazette, that they
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diploma in the regular way. Last year I was approached by the pro-
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Cagnei, James, M.A., M.D., M.R.C. P., appointed an Assistant Physician
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burning heat of the skin, sensible when the hand is laid upon the body.
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As to the question of overwork, it was stated that the
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cases of death occurring after a short period of high fever are due alto-
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remedy for this headache is phenacetin, 15 gr., with 2 gr. of caffein
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Strong purgatives are to be carefully avoided at all times in the
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every precaution should be taken to prevent the child with choreic
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Messrs, W, B, Hilliard and Sous, Glasgow; Mr, J, Hick, Leeds; Mr. C.
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The ciciti ix appeared firm and sound, but at two or three points in the
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period in the large English towns. Among these Sco ch towns the
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TowAKDS the end of June, 1892, Professor Dr. Emmerich, ot
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expresses that the organs in question have some action on
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of typically fatal attacks of angina pectoris are totally different. Thus,
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abated devotion to the students and to the whole work of the Society,
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velopment of tubercle, she was put on intralaryngeal injec-
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%• Even if there be no legal prohibition cootaioed in the deed of
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everywhere displaying the highest qualities as a soldier-
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founded Society of which it is the organ, it contains, among
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At present, however, the managers are in an impame ; beat-i
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As we have remarked, the clinical accompaniments of the differ-
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nied with white scybalous passages. These pains I diagnosed as due to
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uted to some sensory surface. The striking characteristics of this cell
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nerve for more blood" into a "cry for purer blood." Iron, cod-liver
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skin. Occasionally they involve sensory nerves, so as to become quite
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vous centers, one above the other, each lower set bciiig Fcgulated by
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