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large that a stomach-tube may be introduced through

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from all the lights at present before me, I should not hesitate, were

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ed, I have rarely seen the following powder fail to make a good

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National Association call for the measure, and let the leading city

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gastritis will improve readily, unless it be complicated by gastric

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place and it is possible to remove the tracheotomy tube,

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peritonitis mercury is not advisable, indeed it will aggravate mat-

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the operation of medicines through the medium of the nerves,

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wound was closed by a single suture. It was but a short time until they

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and late in the fall, being no stranger even during the winter.


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went in company, and have never, since then, broken the association.

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sequent to the operation — the wound is entirely closed,

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1. In the cases of chronic gastritis that I have examined

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energy; and, sooner or later, the digestive power is worse

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dilut. (Lond. Phar.) 5xij; cardam. co.. 5iij; syrup simplex, siijss; aqua,

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sensation soon subsides, there will, if the temperature of the part

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slipped down one inch, and in one of Denker's cases,

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The long continued irritation of the vesical Avails, induced and

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not exist ;" and the fact that the blood continues to circulate

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very fetid and offensive gas made its exit, during which I could

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readers of this Journal my experience with the use of aconite as a remedy

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ently never entered the mind of Physiologists, at least they

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gia, the bolus of food being evidently impeded in passing the

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mous character. Neither does he dwell upon the treatment, ex-

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administered, or else that, dissolution might be fairly attributed to

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friend where death did ensue after an operation, and. during a re-

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Why are these departments represented by an emeritus professor, assis-

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a lengthened use of it, in such a dose, as a very serious matter, and

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introduced the President, Dr. T, G. Koddick, of Montreal, who

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ing upon what has already been said, that I add the history here

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look at it, you would think it the picture of health.

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five of the ammonia. Dr. Gull, who strongly advocates the combination,

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by an areolar, soft, spongy structure filled with blood.

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