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Dr. Smith asked the approval of the Council for the

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Integration of Antagonistic Reflexes.- Altlioi^h tho iiliciK.inpnon of

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killed after the passage of this act, or except as hereinbefore provided for export to

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elicits no response. The oli.jcct of this Ions; refractory |)eriod is no doubt

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bound in paper, and |5.50 net, bound in cloth. Volume IZ will be told for

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ti\e Jiniount of <.dyeoi;e|| ill dilTeri'llt hihuh'S. lis drlenilined elieiiiie.-illy,

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carcasses and meat food products of these animals. Poultry, fish, and

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in diameter which showed great variation on section,

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botic occlusion of the sac and vessel; dilatation and hypertrophy

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had been previously fed on a routine meat-bread diet. Great care

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a cobblestone appearance. From the duodenal side of

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days before they were tested with tuberculin, and if they failed to

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of hog well adapted to the local conditions and satisfactory to the

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degree of resistance and arc late in coming down with the disease

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tact. The stomach is dilated, flaring out sharply in all

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and piisleriiif hilies of tin- pitnitary ijlamls. Tn sniii uji, then, we m;\}

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shows hypertrophy of the glands of the stomach with predominating lining

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was removed and proved to be a “small cell carcinoma”

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not ini|)ly thai seeoiidaiy involvement of the liiLiher eeiiters never oe

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Mental Health — E. F. Hoctor, Farmington, Chairman (1948);

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more than one-half of the directors or not less than ten representatives request

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easterly and northeasterly direction along the southern ^nd eastern boundaries of Bed-

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A fine mycelium was found in the expectorated material and from

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"I ■•••i-.'-^ .I.n,.|,,p a mil,! .Jvosiiiia. ImiI fi-.,pi,.nlly i„,iu> is ovi.l..nt .'v,.!,

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5. The Federal inspectors in abattoirs are required to make a post-mortem examina-

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patient had a large subhepatic abscess. Drainage of

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section are gray, homogeneous and somewhat soft. They appear inflam-

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lust known in einmcetion with the vatrus nerve to the Iwart, the synipa-

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of the bladder and the prostate. The method, in brief, has consisted

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Associate Member — Cyril W. Schumacher St. Louis.

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should be continually in the farmer's mind — breed true and do not

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certain siibstanees in blood seniiu which liavc been i)rodnced l>y the lo'

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ous copies were forwarded for distribution among the farmers.

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purpose of carrying the bacon. Thus the Danes set about systematic-

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exhaust fans, or some other means of improving the condition.

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pajrc s">4). It is difti.'Ult to offer din-ct exiu'rimeiital pr.n.f in support ot

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scribed hereunder by the Secretary of Agriculture, on any carcasses, parts of carcasses,

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both sides of the chest The heart sounds were distant, blurred and

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29. Mason, M. L. : Acute Malignant Obstruction of the Large

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minute white granules scattered over the surface. These bore a very

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bility that some of it can be dcstroye(l by the intestinal bacteria being