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generally terminates by crisis. The pulse is somewhat quickened, but
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— 0.2592, three or four times daily), and if there be much headache
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;iltack of inflnenza during the epidemic thirty years ago, and was
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In forty years the knowledge of the pathology of and
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bacilli show alternating segments of darker and lighter stained areas,
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friction, for ten minutes, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., whenever the temperature
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of prime importance in the diagnosis. Occasionally more extensive
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lobar pneumonia with the formation of new connective tissue, etc. I
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want rapid action, use spirits, not wine. Wine enters the
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after rest the nervous system becomes calm and the pulse rhythmfc,
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this bacillus, and the germ is not usually found in the blood.
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which will be devoted to a discussion of some of the diseases in which
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rising several degrees in the evening, and falling slightly in the morn-
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its acidity is not altogether due to the carbon dioxide.
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quacy. And the fact becomes more glaring when statistics of the
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capsules, which the patient himself fills at tlie time of using, and have
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by a fan douche of 48° for three to four seconds over the entire body, especially
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in the urine, and does him no good. The more carbohydrates
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nervous system. If they are light, they act rapidly on the
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goitre should consist of a combination of these measures. One can-
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without having made any positive impression upon the medical mind
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periphery of the lung, become gangrenous, perforation of the pleura,
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Its habitat is from Hudson's Bay to Mexico. .The more
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Prophylaxis. — The patient should be strictly quaraiitined in an upper
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paratively few instances of typhus have been met with in this country,
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The former is rare, however, and the intestinal catarrh with which
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While the circulation and respiration may be readily affected in
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set to work at once with this object in view. On October Tth. I)rs.
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other procedures have been shown as necessary for the evoking of