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Treatment. — The treatment is chiefly a struggle to keep up the work-

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accredited courses listed here, please send information at least

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the whole scalp was bald except for a fringe round the lower

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either from this tracheal compression, or from pressure on the

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retained to draw from, so that continuous work without

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combined with the morphin-habit, or as a result of the mor-

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ment of croup, becoming extinguished as the diseas(

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the surface of the decidua serotina, or embedded in its superficial

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Dr. James Bryan, of Pennsylvania, said ; the first prize, to have been written by Dr.

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labours in connexion with this branch of science, conjointly

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mends one of two apparatus, either that of Schering, which

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Nervous System/Psychiatric: Depression, confusion, ataxia, peripheral neuropathy (e.g., paresthesia, dyses-

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the external side of the internal jugular vein ; cut away the

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disease, and vhich would cause a feeling of illness in a sane person.

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assumed by the chloroform should be compared with a

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adherent; upon lifting them up, a superticial, reddish excoria-

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two weeks, she felt tired, was at times "unconscious"

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duction of the principles and practice of the art, from these fun-

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obstructive lesion, such as deviated septum, polyp, en-

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excellent list, compiled by J. Frederick Silk, an English

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It will be seen that the flour has lost moisture in

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a specialized process in each part of the latter, there may be in the former;

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lished his discovery of the circulation of the blood.

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Dr. Pavy of London, as a result of experiments carried out by

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agus, Their Treatment by Retrograde Dilatation, by Henry Mann

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following influenza. The patient was expelling large numbers of

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an increased oxidation of proteid, a characteristic effect of

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granite was indeed frightful. Eut the manse was often in a lovely

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administration of an emetic at the commencement of nearly all acuto

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be telling, yet he still loves his little tin whistle and his weekly visits with Dr.

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cloth, of over 650 pages ; with about 100 wood-cats.

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In none of the cases had there been progressive wasting.

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this over and over again. "Matter is an error of state-

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phuret of potassium. [For electrotype medals. Another method

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effort. On the contrary, if the aphonia be due to laryngitis, the whisper is

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effects than a greater number of pairs with small plates.

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dition generally suitable for the appearance of any

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H. Lagrange, formerly chief interne of the Dowie Home in

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Beach Hotel, Hawaii. Sun-Fri. 25 hrs. $450. Contact: STAN.

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Prescribed quinin sulph., 1.0; syrup, diacodii, syrup, aurant., aa 30.0,

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beginning to remove the cyst, when it was possible —