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one who sought a remedy. The glory of triumphing over this hitherto
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showed dift'use infiltration of the cortex and medulla, with bright
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senting necrobiotic areas. He regards trauma in man as probably only one
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carried out quite recently at the National Physical Laboratory on the
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the head of the femur and a portion of the tibia, were removed ;
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inches — and rolled up as a roller-bandage. This is dipped
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be carried to term in a uterus bound down to the abdominal
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" In September, 1848, a young man, aged about 20, reduced to the most ex-
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The mental condition, perhaps, in a measure, accounts for the suffering
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who succeeded in collecting a table of operations, at the
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various incidents in flood and field, and the medals of a public
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dura, the four muscles of expression, (d) can have no other
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•daring the preliminary diarrhoea, but is decidedly inappropriate when col-
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rence of secondary sclerosis in the [)ulmonary artery, but I think
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to keep tiie surface clean by washinf? it with water,
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his mind as it is with what it has been ; and if it be a case of supposed im-
or five flights of stairs in a hurry and excitedly.
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pride to many a modest man's cheek, for there is many
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Health has full powers to deal effectively with cases when
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anatomy in the University of Vienna, died April 27,
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of the Clinical Laboratory, Royal Infirmary, Manchester.
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a peculiar condition of the system — a diathesis; (2) hyperesthesia of
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Secretary, Chas. Daligny, Troy, Military Med. School, Paris, 1878— 1885 1891
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given for the preparation of this substance' a poor yield was obtained
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metabolism on the part of the cells of the tissues concerned, while at
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lodmngs on the 10th of February. There was a total absence of parental like-
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Figs. 34-36.— Diiferent forms predominating in a cultuie about to start conjugation.
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of cases admitted have been brought upon the sufrerers by causes over which
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shot wound of the intestine, and to show how a case, good so far as the
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W. is erroneous, and he frequently involves himself in as-
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which he has looked for it; Gruby found it in 40 out of 60 persons
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M. Collis, Smyly, Rynd, and, I believe, several others.
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As regards the first question, no definitive answer can be given.
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nign in the beginning. Carr gives the following practical
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X , blonde, twenty years old, family history excep-
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nous injection. The duration of incubation may really depend very much
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chemical. qualities of the secretion from the kidneys. And I do
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Dr. Hubbard Llnley, Atchison, has purchased a one-seventh
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