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istrar-General's report shows an annual death rate of women
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the ureters into the bowel were uniformly the same, experi-
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Casb 146. — Operator, McCann. 1892.^ JDorsal region. Paraplegia.
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is jerked up as quickly as ever, but does not fall at
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the sphincter to become firmly united to the outlying
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portion- of the ring is blunt, so that when the spur is well
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prizes The Journal, it places relatively less than half
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Supreme Court of New Jersey declares, in the ease of Kowe vs.
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determined in every case by the qualitative methods of
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magnetism of the preacher is generally more efficacious.
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persons he will be expected to pay for two, less the charge for
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taught that good health ought to be the rule and not
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34. Further Observations oil Serum Therapy in Croupous
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percussion -hammer along the entire inner edge of the shoulder-
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Case 9. — This patient presented extensive comminution of
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"Ihe Present Status of Renal and Ureteral Surgery." He
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Alexander McK. Campbell, M.D., Grand Rapids, Mich., to
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emergencies. This was certainly a fatal mistake, for
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The Chair ruled that the motion of Dr. Reed revived the
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varies with the amount of moisture in the air. If one
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have over-estimated the causal influence of trauma.
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94. Tuberculin Treatment. — Denison has experimented
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one-eighth of an inch thick. The abscess was evidently