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varies in degree at different times. It is accompanied
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large, fill the capsular spaces and are almost devoid of blood. The epithelium
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Good Friday last, when he got a severe pain in the left side, which was
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either in connection with a functional neurosis, such as
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stances have been extensively exploitefl within recent
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culation, it was de(!rne(l advisable, for the time being
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To illustrate '■ Some Experimental Observations on Perforating Wounds of tbe Abdominal
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shall only observe that the first considers the disease contagious, and propagated
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the time of greatest reduction in the number of corpuscles. Punc-
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Figure 7 — Pedigree of the same family as shown in Figure 5 to
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could live in comfort on her income, but could afford
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have arisen, often a wiser if not a better man. Be assured
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of the experimenter can be made actually serviceable to the
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should be taken to avoid anything that would suddenly increase the
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{Journal of the American Medical Association, Jan. n, 1902),
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beat by the discharge of blood from the heart and intrathoracic blood
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hygienic influences may not be incident to change of climate ;
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The facts seem to be that the " subject," frightened
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There is always a loss of nitrogen in the manufacture of
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rabbits of the same age and size. The degree of resistance of the individual
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sionally observe small pits or depressions in the membrana limitans.
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or a physician at forty, is particularly true when applying to a man
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matter of surprise that Ibose who have devoted special attention to
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of Directors, using much foresight, called Dr. Holden
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Medical College building, with a seating capacity of over 350, and all the
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for the promotion of the skill of the physician and the convalescence
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to such details makes abdominal work easy, as compared