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ease assumes. Cardiac symptoms occur three times as frequently
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tion. Throughout the rcniaiiider of both lobes is a nnlinry involve-
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Case IV. — Pleuropneumonic bronchiectasis. C. M., male, aged seven-
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for several months. A year later no signs of cardiac disease could be found.
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circumstances; and it is necessary to correct his views by a com-
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After that it continued to recur paroxysmallj^, fortnightly or monthly,
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This extensive paper concerns itself with a critical analysis of the
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region of the cervical glands, the right foreleg, and the peritoneal
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Albumin and casts are found in some of the cases from time to
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Beeinfliissung durch unorganische Ionen. [On the vasomotor effect of organic
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obstruction, and then to make a faecal fistula. A faecal fistula does not
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with preservation of the pupillary reaction on convergence-accommodation.
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wards night when the calomel operated and he seemed to be
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It is generally recognized that the occurrence of hemorrhage
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convinced of it.- Cook' believes that 150 mm. will eventually
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stasis, with increased production of toxins and a general depression of the
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HurAvitz, and Bloomfield, may be more productive of results, but
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the ultimate result was satisfactory. With regard to the technique of
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of blood have been necessary and attempts to estimate the quantity
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Shipley, and Park (J. Biol. Chem., 1921, 47, 507), who were able to produce
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spread amongst patients who had influenza was proved on many occasions
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the cyst contents allows for the continuance of the slow oozing from the
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count showing an increase of mononuclear elements, some of which are
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cal signs : (1) Inequality of filling up ; this may be due to transparent
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An expert from the Board of Health pronounced it a late stage of
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putrescency. In this state of the matter, it is of the utmost
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been offered : (1) blocking of the larger bronchi with exudate, as in a
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Acetyl-choline, muscarine, and pituitrin do not cause diastolic arrest
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first at the age of 3 years. A number were removed and found to have
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gress is stated to be much less than that of the technique, as shown by
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In using the term cociperation I do not mean to infer that the
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Case XII. — January 25, 1913. Duodenal ulcer. J. H. D., male, aged
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the day, but more particularly in the morning. She averaged about five
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Sezary remarks that the sympathetic system has long been regarded
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present. The dotted lines represent the extremes of variation
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organisms takes place which may lead to complete sterilization or is
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The ability of the body to assimilate 20 gm. of glucose, taken by the
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and weak, and was ordered to bed, but did not go. The next day, both
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bladder and bile-ducts respectively on the bile have been investigated. The
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amounts of feces it can be recovered completely (97 to 100 per
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same catarrhal symptoms but without any signs of cerebral involvement.
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Saccombe, and especially Dr William Hunter, have described
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