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times sore throat. Fever is present for a part of its course (100° to 104° F.)

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trouble. This indication is met by such applications as zinc ointment,

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(d) Supravital stain, prepared by dissolving 1 gm of bril-

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reached a state to exert an influence of sufficient intensity."

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he believed to be impending over him, yet it was a very effectual means

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towers over uncivilised man ; by which superiority in moral rank is

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congenital defect ; how much to the influence of vicious training, and the

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It was the physician's way to say whatever he pleased. Un-

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and that it is not catching, he does not think it necessary to attend

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John Jebb, the dissenting minister), Sir Richard answered,

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ored him far above his deserts, "falling a victim," as his

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Piercing screams are heard, and the child is found sitting up in bed, or

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marks. Skin points only are trustworthy, and of such landmarks on

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cause ? Lastly, we must look to the vaguer characters suggested either

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Observ. clin. pour suivre a Vhistoire de la psorospermose folliculawe vigilante de Darier.

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gain to the gaze of the vulgar, or necessitating his life-long seclusion.

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to be from 0 to 6 mm in 1 hour ; values of 7 to 10 mm are "border-

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cat the sciatic nerve is divided on one side, and the animal is placed in a

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called attonita, instead of yielding to the impulse of others may resist

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intention, and the like, with which criminal courts are constantly con-

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Iodide of potassium has sometimes a remarkable effect upon the

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but not in seborrhoea. Yet on the face, which scales but slightly, and

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from these ions, and ammonia will be regenerated, requiring

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similar conditions favour the occurrence of both (Comby). Tetany is

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deposited between the shrinking protoplasm and the cell wall. The pro-

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(par. 75), reticulocytes will not be seen in Wright-

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The second, or dry seborrhcea, is the commoner form. On the scalp it

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i. Idem. Atlas of Dis. of Skin, Plate xxxv. — 5. Idem. Brit. Med. Journal, Dec. 2,

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nuts, and so forth ; some difficult of digestion, some operative only in

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