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belong to the diaphysial type. They are contusions, cracks ,

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and in October, 1S91, was appointed its Surgeoo-in-Chief.

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resolve themselves, and are seldom followed by ulceration : so

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and others. We have at present no space to devote to the

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In 1878 she was President of the Alumni Association of

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the same institution. Dr. Gibbons then came to New York City and

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tused sections are very exceptional (shell fragments).

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the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy, winning honors in chemistry,

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them ever since, with the exception of a few short intervals.

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general employment of antitetanic serum, even for its

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160. Degeneration of the posterior columns in advanced tabes 337

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extremely active regeneration of the red blood corpuscles (numerous erythro-

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once sent for to see a patient. The mother of the patient, in

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persons previously healthy, last for a certain length of time, and then end in

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dron Lambert was obtained in New York City ; he received instruction

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to undergo operation ; but, from difficulty in obtaining free-hos-

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helped the world to the solution of many difficult problems : in

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July I, 1875. The winters of 1878 and 1879 were spent

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In i8g4 llieir gynajcological and surgical practice had at-

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lungs, free beds for eye, ear and tuberculosis cases, also a clinic for

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returned to New York City and engaged in the private practice of

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to narrate the cases that have come within my knowledge, in

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Far from taking too little of a substance to be tested, the,

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apology, either for your subject or its treatment." While ap-

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such universal scope as to preclude other methods or systems,

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which we are threatened with Asiatic cholera, disinfectants must occupy a promi-

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Examinations of the blood have been made, in the hope of gaining a clearer

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And it certainly does appear to me much less probable that

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of the International Medical Congress, Philadelphia, 1876, appearing


examine all diplomas ; it being necessary to be registered before

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a fortnight, and sometimes is prolonged three or four months.

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knowledge concerning diseases and drugs ; the use of the single

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his medical degree. He then pursued post-graduate work in local

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