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The policy which I advocate, is founded on the principle of associa*

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of occasional slight paresthesia, and the sphincters continue to functionate

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Kesp. Sam. Rumpler. In his: Nosol. harmonica dogmat.

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as mendicants. In Syria, too, they are obliged to go to

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over, and in due time yielded com. The area thus sown was

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this disease without a lesion, is evidently a functional

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Dr. M'Donnell had calculated that in the biceps muscle alone there

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some hours. At first there was fear the glottis or larynx

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undergo any fermentation or change of any kind that

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dorsum of the hand as compared with the hard, callouse

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of dufonuity, both physical and mental. Succeeding genera-

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table for surgical treatment. All details of the oper-

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the culture media. In the presence of sugar very little poison is gen-

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traneous bodies. It is studded with numerous mucous

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is to be placed on a bland and easily-digested diet, consisting of milk, eggs,

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culiar power — chemical action. We cannot describe his expe-

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2d. The phenomena they excite, are, increase of sensibility,

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Chemically they are the glycerids of certain fatty acids, and

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of actual warfare that a sound basis for the serum treatment of gas

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tinued the use of the belladonna, and gave enemata with turpentine and castor-

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all, is that wherein Dr. Lankester proceeds to define and point out the

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a diminutive of the fits ; and, finally, it such reduction of

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" Work with the Yerkes-Bridges Point Scale in the examina-

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Bylaws as Contracts. Joint Commission Medical Staff Standards.

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Brande, then the most esteemed periodical in Europe. His

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Here, too, the body was least able to react quickly under

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sable for the comprehension of pathologic processes.

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his determination to give them publicity, and it is

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the dread of cancer, she will still enjoy the bles-

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Plehn, F. : Das Schwarzwassfieber der afrikanischen Westkiiste. Deutsche

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vaccination alone gives us a logical and practical solution

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from three to eight hours. It is evident, in this stage, the spasm of the

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diagnosis, in the cases where the symptoms are not marked, can be

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heavy and not separated at all ; in a case where a lacerated

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worry or excessive intellectual exercise. Heavy responsibility in-

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would stop, turn into a shoj), rest a Avhile, and then proceed.

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" From even the foregoing slight sketch of what is laid down in books, we

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always will be —merely a servant and interpreter of Nature. He

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system we will find that it is a depressent of the vasomotor sys-

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tween the two principal fragments. When the leg was

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pelled for a considerable space in opposition to gravitation, and, also, for

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