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nature, I do not assert that there is no tendency or progress towards

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cicatrices of sinuses, the appearance and plumpness of the limb is

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In every way seek to prevent worry on the patients' part, and from the

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that on any of these occasions I could discover a smaller number of

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sample of the parasites responsible for oidiomycosis (blastomycosis)

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loose ; is salivated ; breathing hurried. 3.37. — Is beginning to show

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maintaining that its lactic acid is apt to start up gouty pains. [Vogel

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accumulations of round and epithelioid cells with an organism

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was given doses twice a week beginning with 10 million and increasing by double

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ing-up of the trapping. The water-closets were not defective, because

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1 G. (15 gr.) a dose, increasing gradually to 5-6 G. (75-90 gr.) :

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During that very brief interval sufficient poison entered the cir-

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a week every three weeks. The action of potassium iodide seems to be

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out only by a comparison of the figures for stability. The

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ecchymoses, or some splenic enlargement. If, however, the animal

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induce sleeplessness, giddiness, general discomfort, and increased cough,

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quart may be taken daily, always in small amounts and preferably

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confined to cases of severe hydrops, as it has unpleasant effects on the

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Canine distemper is found, as a result of this research, to be

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(6 oz.) of distilled water, ^ of the tepid mixture to be given immediately,

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writer left Chicago for the summer, and the injections were made without the posses-

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pended it in a flask containing 100 c.c. of distilled water. At

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weakness. But if there are symptoms of pronounced insufficiency, the

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Agglutinins develop too late to be of satisfactory use in diagnosis.