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High School Baltimore M.D. University of Maryland 1887

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wrong and injurious. Homceopathy is evidently the out

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D. Wallace ol reports 2 interesting cases from the practice of

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School opened. Ehity imposed on State Board of Health to

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versity of Maryland 1829 practiced at Newtown Frederick

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thahnia occurred after perforating wounds at the corneo scleral

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forms belonging in the genus Triodontophorus is rather formidable

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Dr. Christopher Johnston elected President of the Medical and

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of the historical researches of the late Dr. John R. Quinan

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upon the surface of pure water assume a condition of rapid rota

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furnishes a perfect explanation of why the colony does not further

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about six or eight pounds. It as removed successfully without

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ter at once upon the Nature of Nervous affections which

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drowsiness with low mnttering delirium especially at night dulness

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schenblattem in Baltimore contained in the Med Chir. Ztg.

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head in different positions pareses can be detected which remain

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For instruments he recommends scrubbing with cinnamon soap

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the Spleen was rather noxious than useful and so for the

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a bscessation of the uterus due to ordinary pyogenic bacteria or to

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provements alon the ages excepting the present these

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generally be that the infection has arisen from copulating with a

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seau reports 2 exceedingly interesting cases where repeated

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ing the animal impotent and causing him to be sent to the shambles.

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anteriorly of thick fibrous tissue whose anterior face composed

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the chimpanzee and much more than that of the Hottentot Venus

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column in front of the pyramidal tracts or of the anterior column

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these ptomaines are the product of bacteriological development

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scratch and puts in as much matter as can lay upon the

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more 1809 1819 and 1823 Chairman of the Committee of Vigi

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more Md. Marked dead in Fonerden s corrected list of 1837. In

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of diseases their progress and the results of remedies upon

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Beckley Edwin Luther. 1894. Born at Woodsboro Frederick

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newspapers. Fifteen members were to constitute a quorum

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day when it is called amp.quotidian intermittent or every other day named

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He has seen a sudden outbreak of molluscum supervene in a

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grandson of last named. Educated at Deichmann s Gymnasinm

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and to liave been aggravated by lack of growth at that point during