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toward relapses, as in recurrent fever; though sometimes the febrile paroxysms in

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A third herd (p. 69) gave a maximum of 4,255,000 and a minimum of 136,000 during

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while those necessary to kill in 30 minutes have a ratio of 550.

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Hence, A'C" is the k of the previous expression. It varies with the

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suspended matter to pass upon them. Both at Reading and Co-

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struction of Hospitals. By Douglas Galton, C.B., F.R.S.,

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Ito the water only 13 parts in 1000, though the law of symmetry shows that

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similar condition in typhoid fever and in acute interstitial nephritis^

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tion, in such cases, is impossible — short of displacing two or three

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We may also use the composite tincture of jalap as follows :

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Diabetes. — If diabetes is present, with or without obesity, the alkaline

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not elapse between the bite and the application of the ligature, which

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Acute Bronchopneumonia. — ^As acute bronchopneumonia is almost

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advanced stage. Such resorts are suited for spring and autumn, espe-

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skin be not greatly occupied by the enlarged vessels, sloughing may

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within constituted the first step in the process — a mode of forma-

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results lead me to believe that all three phases of Hf e cycle are con-

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periodical rains, whicli seldom fail to return every year about the

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to humanity. John Howard had the honour of directing the

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cartilage, but, originating either in the synovial membrane or the

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third substance the dissolved substance is divided between them

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DuuATioN OF Tick-Feeding Required for the Infection of the Guinea-Pig.

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The heart appears normal. There is a small amount of bloody mucus in the

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The chipmunk {C alios pernio philus [Citelliis] chrysodeirus).^ —

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from these were stained according to Gram's method and counter-

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salicylic acid, antipyrine, methylene blue, and boric acid. A cumulative

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Stained smear. — Similar to 12. Mononuclear cells seem to be relatively more

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