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In all forms of disease, when the pulse is small and frequent,
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A drug is a remedy because it influences the part or function
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and pulmonary phthisis, gout, and cutaneous affections.
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the wound commenced discharging, and then the patient went
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was discussed by Drs. Hoover and Meltzer, the discussion being
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The two first cases of M. Macario manifestly belong to
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tion congenial, hut feared he would have to return to his
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The incision was kept open two or three weeks by a tent.
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for a use that may seem very singular. In small doses it exerts
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ment of the life of the part, and if it assumes the "prune juice"
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sixty. Physicians of sufficient eminence to merit the distinction may,
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consequent fullness and drooping. Sometimes in the severest
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uously giving birth to secreting cells, and that these grow to the
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Indications. — Fermentative changes in the bladder; atonic
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comprises the muscular coat of the arteries, veins and lymph-
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Dr. Lewis A. Conner: What are we to do if we take .x-ray pictures
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"The drug referred to here is the specific medicine cuprum,
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practitioner to select his remedies with certainty. If we have the
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general over one lung, it probably will be found to indicate that
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disease in relative incompetency due to muscular degeneration.