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10 cc. of sterile Ringer's solution were injected. The temperature rose from an
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was not followed. The place which morphia holds among our resources
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in the (juantity of urine occurs on that day, but the fluid is retained, and is
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of that rich store which lies ready at hand within the
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Is comparatively rare, but dangerous. It consists in
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crossing the torcuLir from the right lateral sinus. The veins passing from the
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projecting into the bladder but had started from the
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pyorrhoea ; signs of bronchitis in chest ; liver not felt but dullness extends to the
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penetration being quite immaterial. It is true that there could not be a com-
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which I have used ever since with remarkable success,
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and a-half above the impulse beat, and a little to the right side. It was
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the circulation may be re&tablished ; but convalescence is usually very
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lymphatics become inflamed, and appear as red lines extending up
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cent, of the experiments showing, anything like a definite reaction it
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in some cases downward to the eighth rib, and to the left from 1 to 2 inches
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Childhood. — Simon Baruch * states that the superiority of hydriatic
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tinue the blue pill; continue the bismuth as before, and directed
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the organism was not able to react to its stimulus. As the patient
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ment of their pressure sense, that it is not safe to employ the above-mentioned
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patient and the conservation of the function of hearing are
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Doctor going back to Esculapius for a fair start, but were all the more agree-
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patients were treated with the serum. All recovered except one
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tion so severe as to lead to abscess ; at other times and places it
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9. Traumatization of Tissues with Retractors, etc. — It seems
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