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It would have been a surgical blunder to have subjected this
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the West Riding Increasedlfrom 31 in December to 65.
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27th; P. M. May, Surgeon to the Vivid, additional, March 27th.
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Count Stefan Karolyi will be the President, and Professor
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wifery-hinge forceps, while the special "bullet extractor, Coxeter's,"
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lish frequent and complete bulletins as to cholera prevalence.
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the latest researches of Gaskell and Shore supplement the
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of slowly modifying their lowered nutritive condition." Dr.
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The Queen has approved of the admission of the following gentlemen as
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analogous process of produclion and destruction, with the
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brother of the deceased : ''That this meeting desires to convey
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in the metropolis and its suburbs for some fifteen years, he
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has thus afl'orded us invaluable means for comparative in-
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It is entitled " Is Cancer Curable?" and is written under the name of
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fully considered, and five of the candidates deemed to be best
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amination of the abdomen has revealed no definite tumour or
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generally is good. The illustrations are well done. When all
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rate of 2::).7 per l,Ouo. The lowest rates were recorded in Armsgli and
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He remarked that fractures of the head of the femur were in-
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very angry at the articles, which, he said, were directed against his get-
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Surgeon-Captain J. Fayrer, on return from deputation, resumed charge
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included carrots and turnips. It will be observed, however,
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leave to England for seven months on urgent private affairs.
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dents in Chesterfield. Anyway the medical men have tried
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crease of size is due to access of protoplasm around the nucleus ; both
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twenty-one days before each meeting — namely, March 30th,
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P. T. Adams, Maidstone ; Mr. P. N. Abercrombie, Vienna ; Mr. J. W.
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another in respect of their molecular constitution.
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his followers a wild and absolutely fruitless mysticism.
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state of great exhaustion have tlieir first experience of tropical heat
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