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the book more complete and useful to those residing north of the Tweed.
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from isolated, discrete nodes and present in large fibrous tumors.
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Persons harvesting hemp during August are liable to contract the disease if
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instance) the lesions are most common on the superior aspect of the
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the poison X., of which from two to four grains suffice to poison B.
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Guillain et Laroche. Ann. de med. et Chir. infantile, Paris, 1909, xiii, 821.
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pneumococcus, gonococcus, etc. — febrile albuminuria is the rule. True
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A woman aged 63, with almost complete pyloric obstruction,
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eaustic prostatotomy (Bottini's operation). 3. In selecting the
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Symptoms: Comes on like other infectious disease.; chill
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stomach. The child was sent to me, and he had visible peristalsis and a
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