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disease in the normal mammal: when the vitality is lowered it

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It is with pleasure that we note the establishment of

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district, and Dr. C. A. Armstrong, of Boecobel, from the 4th.

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for human milk, but that it appears nearer to human milk in food-value

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tlie play-ground. The children from this part of the

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University degree, £25 will require to be added to cover

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A couple of figs eaten before breakfast are an excellent laxa-

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are to be opened and antiseptically treated; delirious patients are to

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pecially when the distended intestines push the spleen upward and back-

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whether spermatozoa are present or not. Functional albuminuria is

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best possible returns out of life and do the best that is in my power for

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instances of the keenness and delight which some intellectuals have found

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Some current conflicting opinions on typhoid fever. Tr.

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sively. Again, by microscopic examination in the former

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much was the man benefited by these measures, that twice he left

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and an adult who clearly understands this is wrong, is ripe

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of the fluidextract and the evaporated fluidextract there was uniformly a

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unaccountably. I have known much pain, when the disease

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following surgical proceedings on the genital tract are the following :

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and number 3 is a surgeon. Blank was a sensible man and concluded

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death by a kennel of bawling and devouring dogs that the

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W. Collins (Brit. Med. Jour., Dec. 7, 1901) adds some

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vesicles (and prostate) has been shown to yield remarkably good results

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small intestine presented — exceedingly distended with in-

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began to rise, and notwithstanding most active treatment, there

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interest which I would call attention to, is the extraordinary amount

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means. Inclement weather we cannot prevent, but we can

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mention ; but I feel it particularly incumbent upon me to speak of the

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Authors preparing manuscripts for submission to Connecticut Medicine should