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Governor Hugh Carey of New York has introduced a bill j'

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will be accomplished. Certainly, the plaintiff lawyers are

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Councillor Davison, I would call attention to the fact that Medical

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rected that a special enquiry on this subject should be instituted,

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ances presented under the microscope are those of reticular tubercle

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our plan, even should some unforeseen calamity, which I pray God

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circulation. The anaemia, assisted by the local influence of the poison,

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cases, I suspect of partaking the infection. Dr. M. V.

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Charity of Massachusetts, January, 1899 Boston: Printed by

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muscular sensations from the trigeminal muscles and that the

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attention to the sick. The results have proved their

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and there to mend his ways and reinstate himself in paternal favor.

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7th. The Professional examinations will be Yield" in Toronto.

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To insure a suitable base line, therefore, a second group of twelve men

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quently produces lachryinatioii and other eye symp-

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pervious to the proteins of the blood, but pervious to the other constitu-

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imagination founded on observation, but leaving the

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no question that the spores of some other forms of germ-life, viz.,

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incubator a premature child may be reared without great difficulty.

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rapid return to normal, and a recurrence of the attack after a variable

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it. What would you think of a pilot who attempted to quell a

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tween the several protective methods against tuberculosis tested.

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fluid, and coUapse on pricking. The history of rheumatism or other