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agents altogether. He was conservative in the true sense of

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materia medica. He was physician to the Almshouse in 1789.

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His conclusions are 1. Cases of immature uncomplicated cataract

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rupture. Other measures will be most safely left for professional skill.

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Baltimore 1876 a Founder of Southern Homoeopathic Medical Col

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divided muscle when the case is seen within twenty four hours

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experiments that in general patliogenic microbes do not retain

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tus is of the nature of a dysthsesia due to accumulated or obstructed

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ture of the eye and comprised four divisions i inflammations

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Educated at St Mary s College Baltimore M.D. University of

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ship. In a society such as this representing the entire State

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acknowledging this arrangement to be open to objection he

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Flexner describes a new organism bacillus pyogenes filifor

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characteristic effects of the antidote appear. Atropia causes the pupils

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istence the present admirably constructed stables operating sheds

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primarily deranged by the spirit like dynamic influence

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region of the sclero corneal junction where they anastomose with

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cated mechanism of the human body which in itself is

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also a large general and consultation practice and during his

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From the time of birth until destroyed the calf in the illustra

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four years M.D. College of Physicians and Surgeons Baltimore

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were 434.28. Among the items under receipts were initiation

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Resident Physician Bellevue Hospital New York a Founder

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vegetable matters as in a cargo of decaying v etable sub

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consequence. In the second variety varices of the mucosa are the

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Specialist in Digestive and Nutritional Diseases. 1302 Madison

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