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.stration of hospitals and kindred institutions for a period of
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tions (1) that a medical man is bound to attend all cases to
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line. In contradistinction to Haffkine he always used
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This was not appreciably altered by eitlier treatment.
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assume for themselves the status of a body of bacteriological I
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the obstructing part and the production of an anastomosis.
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and will be able also to point out that in diseases whose
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easy to arrive at a diagnosis. In the other conditions named
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sent in the form of simple compounds like phosphates, the
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being that of the prevailing phase of a broad cycle.
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We understand that the Local Government Board have called
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In sixteen of the principal town districts of Ireland the deaths registered
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also a triumph of sanitary contrivance aud care. The piecautiu- s
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afterwards. Before leaving I instructed the nurse to syringe
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of the general hospitals gave rise to what might have proved to be
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Bartholomew's Hospital, and your remarks suggest that you
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at Burlington House on February 6th, l.«93, and following d;iy3. Thirty-
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well bear some deduction in this matter, where in any case
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point liad now been reached wliere it seemed that each
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Since the above were issued considerable iuiprovement has
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which Mr. Burdett, in emulation no doubt of the example of
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consequence of the suppression by the executive of a notice
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ally for bisic dyes like methyl green. If a mixture of methyl ijreen and