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teaspoonful every two or three hours. Retention of urine is a common oc-
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Duke, W. W.: Specific Hj-persensitiveness as a Conomon Cause of Illness, Ann.
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and said to his doctor, this man in my opinion has cancer of the sigmoid
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The hopeless stage often sets in very early. The first indication of
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will usually have the greatest depth in the axillary and infra-axiUary
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fessor Spence's, in Ainslie-place, Sir Robert Christison's, Dr.
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if in both simultaneously, in one eye before the other. Generally
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deficiency are always most obvious in the most complicated actions, and
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exercise at all seasons of the year, and where they can enjoy the
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curette is one the most useful and valuable instruments that we have
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ing, of New York, stated in his charge to the jury, in a
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stick fast in the pharynx, it may provoke, through a reflex action,
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lasting for months or years, and causing great discomfort,
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symptoms; 3. Shortening of the duration of the ill-
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Hamilton, of New York, on the value of equitation as a
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alieiations in the refraction of the eyes in childhood and
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tion, and the cup-shaped cavity, which did not invade the endometrium,
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viscid liquid in water, and then decanting the upper portion suddenly. This
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As the focal illumination found the cornea free from
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Nelson Nivison, M. D., Physiology, Pathology, and Hy-
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Potassium iodide 10 grains, the compound ^i^^^ relief can be obtained by a mixture
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Act. About five per thousand of cattle were generally
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in exceptional cases dark blood, without admixture of air, is observed in a hemor-
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be appreciable. Deep-seated tumors are not uncommon, soA, then fluctuation